A quick and pretty vegan chocolate Easter bark that’s a great home made gift, or a fun way to dissipate leftover Easter candy. Dark and white chocolate are layered to shape the bottom for all your favored toppings. Easy enough for kids and addictive enough for grown-united states of americato sneak ‘just one more’ piece!

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If you’ve in no way made selfmade candy earlier than, chocolate bark might be the least stressful recipe to try out the primary time! If you could break up chocolate, melt and unfold it out, you can make this a laugh confection! With simply multiple substances and a couple of minutes, this simple recipe is ideal for every age. Simply make certain to have a grown-as much as help with melting the chocolate.

Easter bark damaged into portions on a bit of parchment paper beside a vase of spring blossoms

How to Make Chocolate Bark

Chocolate Easter Bark comes collectively so without problems. Here are the stairs to make it:

Soften the chocolate.

Unfold the melted dark chocolate out on a parchment covered tray or marble slab.

Layer the melted white chocolate over the melted darkish chocolate.

Sprinkle with goodies or toppings of preference and permit the chocolate set up.

Split the bark and enjoy!

If you’d like extra of swirled effect rather than just layers, use half the amount of white chocolate and zig zag it over the melted darkish chocolate. Drag a toothpick or a pointed knife to create pretty swirls in all instructions.

I’ve long past with an Easter topic for this vegan sweet bark, however you could personalize the toppings and make it for any season or excursion! For my vegan chocolate Easter bark, I used Médicis Almonds (or French Jordan almonds) from Williams-Sonoma. They're Spanish almonds covered in a thin pastel-coloured sugar shell. I idea they looked so much like lovable little Easter eggs, and aren't cloyingly sweet like many other Easter treats. I also used mini chocolate bunnies and some unique sized pastel sprinkles.

The components for chocolate bark are laid out in bowls on a pink counter. 

Customize Your Chocolate Bark

This chocolate deal with is easy to personalize to what you like and have for your pantry. Right here are some topping thoughts:

Any of your preferred sweets

Chopped dried fruit like cranberries, raisins or dates

Freeze-dried fruit pieces

Nuts like pistachios, salted peanuts, or roasted pecans

Chopped or overwhelmed cookies like Oreos, gingersnaps or speculaas


Small vegan marshmallows

Flakey sea salt

Hold in thoughts the sizes of your candies or sweet bark toppings – smaller toppings paintings quality in order that your bark may be broken up without problems. The usage of a diffusion of shapes and small sizes makes the bark even extra thrilling to have a look at. But, sincerely, something goes if the children are just searching out a amusing Easter mission!

Chocolate bark makes for a considerate suitable for eating present for pals, circle of relatives, and teachers which can be packaged up in little tins, bins or even canning jars. To spherical out your Easter basket, test out these quite vegan cookie blend jars which might be some other a laugh DIY present.

Chocolate bark made with darkish chocolate layered with white chocolate and topped with pastel candy lined almonds on a white marble slab

Suggestions for Melting Chocolate

Even as melting chocolate is a very smooth method, it’s very particular on the subject of heat and moisture.

Chocolate burns very without difficulty and moisture can ruin melted chocolate, each which cause the chocolate to capture. Seizing approach that the chocolate becomes hard, grainy and could not soften. This takes place almost at once! Going sluggish whilst melting your chocolate and working with bone dry system and fingers are great practices. Preserve in mind how little warmness (round 29°C-40°C [84°F-104°F]) relying on the form of chocolate) is actually had to melt chocolate.

Chop your chocolate into even-sized pieces so the chocolate melts always without warm spots.

Stir frequently and gently. Aggressive stirring or whisking will draw air into your chocolate so that you’ll emerge as with air bubbles for your bark.

Use a rubber or silicone spatula or a metal spoon to stir your melting chocolate. If you use your spatula for cooking, check to peer that it hasn’t retained the fragrance of garlic, onion or other strong odors which can end up on your chocolate. Wooden or bamboo utensils aren’t recommended due to the fact they are able to keep moisture that can switch to the chocolate.

Suggestions for working with White Chocolate

White chocolate, whether or not it’s dairy-unfastened or vegan, requires a little more attention because it seizes even extra without difficulty than ‘actual’ chocolate which contains cocoa solids. In case you’ve by no means labored with it before, I propose using the double boiler method (see below). It’s much extra difficult to scorch or seize your chocolate (white or in any other case) the usage of this approach. It's far very smooth, on the opposite-hand, to burn your chocolate inside the microwave. Actually a couple of seconds too long can wreck your chocolate.

In case your white chocolate appears a chunk thick, do not upload any water. Alternatively, if you are running with a thicker variety, you may add a teaspoon or so of shortening to help skinny it out.

I’ve examined this recipe with two special types of dairy-loose white chocolate. The primary turned into with a vegan white chocolate by using King David which turned into very white, tasted extra like candy melts, and become pretty sweet. Whilst it melted very easily and become thinner, it installation right away over the melted darkish chocolate. I needed to pass quick earlier than it set completely so the goodies and small sweets might stick. The second dairy-unfastened white chocolate by iChoc was much more scrumptious, but required some thinning with shortening and became off-white. This 2nd option turned into vanilla bean flavored, for this reason the marginally darker colour. It set up greater slowly so sprinkling the toppings on turned into plenty extra leisurely.

In case your white chocolate units up before you’ve introduced your bark toppings, you may use a hair-dryer to soften the surface (I recognise, peculiar, however it really works!) Use the hair dryer on low so that you don’t create craters or burn the chocolate. Circulate to and fro slowly, not preventing for too long in anybody spot to save you seizing. Simply be careful now not to warmth the dark chocolate once it sets – this has a tendency to cause it to become discolored and splotchy searching.

A small white bowl decorated with small rabbits and a butterfly is filled with pastel Easter sweets

The way to soften Chocolate in a Double Boiler

The usage of the double boiler technique for melting chocolate is the safest way to soften chocolate. It melts chocolate in a much less extreme and more steady way than a microwave can.

You may buy a double boiler which is largely  pots which stack flawlessly on pinnacle of every different, or you may make one with the aid of stacking a warmth-safe bowl over a pot.

To use a double boiler, add more than one inches of water to the lowest of a pot. Flip the heat up to medium. Whilst the water is simmering, lessen the heat to slightly simmering. Choose a warmness-safe bowl that is wider than the pot so it sits securely on top. A bowl this is too small can slip down into the pot, or allow steam to get away between the two introducing moisture in your chocolate. Add the chopped chocolate to the bowl, area on pinnacle of the pot and stir because the chocolate melts.

Carrying oven mitts, do away with the bowl from the pot whilst there are only a few tiny portions (the dimensions of peas) of chocolate left to soften, wiping the moisture from the bottom and aspects of the bowl. With a chunk of mild stirring, the relaxation of the chocolate will soften.

How to melt Chocolate in a Microwave

In case you use the microwave to melt your chocolate, accomplish that at 50% energy. Resist the urge to set the chocolate inside the microwave for greater than 30 seconds at a time. Warmth it 30 for seconds, take it out, stir the chocolate after which warmth for another 30 seconds. Repeat this until the chocolate is melted which ought to take approximately 1.5-2 mins.

Near up of a white bowl full of chocolate bark.

What to Do with Seized Chocolate

Overheating or including moisture will cause the chocolate to seize. You’ll understand in case your chocolate has seized if it will become tough and grainy in places.

It’s possible to restoration the chocolate if it’s just started out to seize from overheating (but not if it’s seized from moisture.) cast off the chocolate from the warmth, and strive including a teaspoon of shortening , vegetable oil but preferably cocoa butter (if you have it). Stir properly to peer if the chocolate comes again collectively.

Even as seized chocolate is simply too tough to work for a few makes use of (bark, sweet coating, drizzle, etc), the chocolate continues to be secure to consume.

The way to maintain Chocolate Bark from Melting or Blooming

This chocolate bark is a easy vegan chocolate candy recipe that is certain to be eaten up before it has a chance to soften on little palms or to bloom. Bloomed chocolate is when the cocoa butter separates from the cocoa solids, leaving greyish white splotches at the floor (which is safe, just isn’t as quite). Blooming can manifest if the chocolate is going through temperature modifications. Examples are if the chocolate has been inside the refrigerator, or has been melted and cooled for a chunk with out tempering.

That said, in case you’re searching out the form of smooth chocolate candy bark that doesn’t soften as effortlessly, gives a pleasant snap while you ruin it, and continues its lovely finish lots longer, you’ll want to temper your chocolate earlier than making the chocolate bark. Tempering chocolate can be a touch tedious so I commonly don’t bother with it for my home made chocolate treats, but if you’d like to strive it out, Ghirardelli has a extraordinary tutorial on a way to do it.

Close up looking down on chocolate bark embellished with chocolate bunnies, Easter eggs and sprinkles

I used a beautiful marble pastry board from Williams-Sonoma for making the chocolate bark – at the same time as it’s intended for (you guessed it) making pastry, it’s outstanding for making chocolate bark and tempering chocolate as properly. Marble has a high thermal mass and can absorb heat from matters (like melted chocolate). I speak this a little in my Baked Alaska submit where i use marble to help maintain the ice cream chilled longer throughout serving.

For making , serving, storing and gifting your chocolate bark, be sure to check out Williams-Sonoma’s stunning range of kitchen and tableware. They have the sweetest Easter series – I featured their adorable bunny bowl in this submit which is positive to be a part of our Easter subculture for years yet to come!

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A white bowl filled chocolate sweet Easter bark

Vegan Chocolate Easter Bark

A short and pretty vegan chocolate treat that's an excellent homemade Easter gift, or for the usage of up leftover Easter sweet. Melted dark and white chocolate are layered (or swirled, you pick!) to shape the base for all of your favorite toppings. Clean enough for youngsters and addictive enough for grown-americato sneak 'just one greater' piece!

Path: Dessert, safe to eat Vegan gift, Vegan CandyCuisine: AmericanKeyword: Chocolate Easter Bark, Chocolate Easter sweet Bark, Easter Bark, Vegan sweet Bark, Vegan Chocolate Bark, Vegan Easter sweet Prep Time: 10 minutes1 hour Servings: 


8 ozvegan dark chocolate

Eight oz.Vegan white chocolate Use 4 oz. (113 g) for delicate swirls as opposed to a strong layer

1 tsp shortening, neutral tasting vegetable oil or cocoa butter, non-compulsory

1-2 cups Médicis almonds or different small goodies See notes for different topping suggestions

3 tbsp sprinkles

US commonplace – Metric


Gently grease a big baking sheet and then line with parchment paper (or a silicone liner). Greasing the pan will assist save you the parchment from sliding around later. You may additionally use a marble pastry slab with parchment paper (so you can effortlessly get rid of the chocolate bark later).

Soften the darkish chocolate. You may do this in a double boiler or the microwave.

Microwave technique: Use a microwave-secure glass or ceramic bowl which keep warmth first-rate. On 50% power, warmness the chopped chocolate for 30 seconds, stir after which heat once more for 30 seconds. Repeat this till you've got small pea-sized pieces of unmelted chocolate left, stirring lightly until they're melted. Chocolate burns and seizes very effortlessly so it's fine to go sluggish and consistent. This method must take 1½-2 mins.

Double Boiler method: upload a couple of inches of water to the lowest of a pot. Flip the heat up to medium. When the water is simmering, lessen the warmth to slightly simmering. Choose a warmth-secure bowl that is wider than the pot so it sits securely at the pot (or the nesting pot if you have a double boiler pot set). A bowl this is too small can slip down into the pot, or permit steam to escape among the two, introducing moisture to your chocolate. Add the chopped chocolate to the bowl, region on top of the pot and stir because the chocolate melts.

Sporting oven mitts, do away with the bowl from the pot while there are just a few pea-sized portions of chocolate left to melt, wiping the moisture from the lowest and sides of the bowl. With a chunk of mild stirring, the relaxation of the chocolate will soften.

Pour the melted dark chocolate at the prepared baking sheet or pastry slab. Unfold the chocolate out right into a rectangle about ⅛" (3 mm) thick.

For a Layered Chocolate Bark: allow the darkish chocolate set up till it is no longer liquid however nonetheless very gentle. This takes about 20 minutes relying on the temperature of your house, but you can speed things up by way of sticking it in the fridge for five minutes. Don't let the chocolate completely set although, or the white chocolate won't bond properly and separate while the bark is cut later. Soften the white chocolate as soon as the dark chocolate is asking geared up.

You could need to feature a teaspoon of shortening if the white chocolate is pretty thick. If the usage of the microwave method, remember that white chocolate seizes a good deal less difficult than dark chocolate so move gradual.

For a Swirled Chocolate Bark: use simplest four oz. (113 g) of white chocolate. Immediately drizzle it all over the darkish chocolate. Drag a toothpick or tip of a pointy knife via the white chocolate into the dark chocolate areas to create swirls.

Earlier than the white chocolate firms up, set up the sweets, sprinkles or toppings of preference. Gently press them into the melted chocolate in order that they persist with the chocolate as soon as it sets.

Let the chocolate bark installation in a cool, dry spot. The chocolate need to be set in about an hour depending at the temperature of your own home. If you're in a hurry, you may location it in the refrigerator (approximately 15 minutes) or freezer (approximately five mins) although this can motive the chocolate to bloom inside multiple days. See blog post for extra facts and the way blooming is most effective an aesthetic trouble and remains secure to consume.

As soon as set, destroy the chocolate bark into pieces as preferred. For pieces with clean traces, slide the bark at the parchment paper onto a reducing board and use a hot large sharp knife to split the bark as preferred. To warmth it, dip the blade in warm water, wipe dry and cut. Reheat and wipe the blade as needed.


This chocolate deal with is straightforward to customize to what you adore and have on your pantry, and is perfect for any season or holiday. Right here are some topping thoughts:

Any of your favored small sweets

Chopped dried fruit like cranberries, raisins or dates

Nuts like pistachios, salted peanuts, or roasted pecans

Chopped or overwhelmed cookies like Oreos, gingersnaps or speculaas


Small vegan marshmallows

Flakey sea salt

Garage notion:

Shop the chocolate candy bark in an hermetic container in a groovy dry place, or the fridge for up to 3 months – take a look at the first-rate earlier than date on the chocolate you used and recall in case you’re the usage of gadgets which could cross stale like pretzels or marshmallows. Over time, the chocolate may additionally bloom which makes the chocolate appearance dusty or cloudy. This is not a meals safety subject nor does it affect the taste a lot, rather it's miles really the cocoa butter separating out. Chocolate also can be saved in the freezer for several months in an hermetic field.