This vegan M&M Cookie blend in a Jar recipe is an clean DIY present this is a laugh to make and acquire all yr lengthy. Fill a mason jar with the dry substances so your pals and own family can whip up a batch of warm home made vegan oatmeal M&M cookies. The cookies bake up tender, chewy, and speckled with brightly colored chocolate chocolates!

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With Spring ruin simply around the nook, those vegan cookie blend in jars are an easy DIY gift assignment to keep the youngsters busy. They are able to then give a cookie blend jar to their buddies so they and their own family can revel in a toddler friendly hobby collectively. A considerate suitable for eating holiday present or maybe a celebration desire for a bridal shower or toddler bathe, you’ll revel in the sensation of giving a selfmade gift. Cookie blend kits also are cheaper and green items that are sure to be loved via all the cookie monsters in your existence!

A bit woman with lengthy blond hair handing a gift of cookie mix in a glass jar. 

A parchment covered baking tray included in polka dot cookies, a small bowl of goodies and a bottle of milk.

What You’ll need to Make Cookie blend in a Jar gift:

1. Canning Jar and Lid

This cookie blend recipe fits perfectly in a 1 liter (1 quart) canning or mason jar. I used lovely Weck tulip jars from Williams-Sonoma which might be a present in and of themselves. I love using them as a flower vase, storing meals in, and that they’re quite enough to serve out of at the table. They've a nice huge mouth which makes including the dry components in easy layers less difficult than narrow mouthed canning jars.

2. Home made Vegan Cookie blend

This vegan cookie blend in a jar makes vegan oatmeal M&M cookies (or Polka Dot cookies). You’ll want a few pantry staples consisting of:

All-reason flour

Rolled oats – use simplest the old skool rolled oats, not immediately or brief cooking oats. Immediate and short oats will make the cookies dry and crumbly due to the fact they take in moisture quicker. These cookies have less oatmeal than undeniable oatmeal cookies. They have just sufficient to offer a pleasing toothsome chewy texture, and to feature a layer of interest to the cookie package jars.

Brown sugar – I used a better ratio of brown sugar to granulated sugar in this recipe for a few nice caramel undertones and a chewier texture. The brown sugar is also fine for a defined layer in the cookie jars.

Granulated sugar

Baking powder

Cornstarch – facilitates create even greater of a seductive chewy texture, and thin crisp edges.


Vegan M&M type chocolate chocolates – if you don’t have any chocolates, you may alternative in 1 cup of chocolate chips, chocolate chunks, raisins, chopped nuts, or even your personal precise combo of these cookie mix-ins!

An photograph labelled with the ingredients, equipment and supplies had to make cookie package jar items. 

Even as M&M cookies are a traditional cookie taste and the cookie base can effortlessly be made without eggs or dairy, M&M sweets aren't vegan. M&M candies include milk elements, carmine (from beaten female cochineal insects) and beeswax for glazing retailers. The best information is that whether or not you’re making ready those dairy-unfastened & egg-loose cookie blend jars for someone who’s vegan or has a milk or egg hypersensitive reaction, there are a few vegan options for the polka dots in these cookies. Hints include Unreal darkish Chocolate Quinoa Crispy Quinoa gems (don’t worry, they don’t taste like quinoa, but are lots like upward thrust crisp in chocolate), No Whey! No No’s, and Little secrets Chocolate pieces.

A aspect view of a canning jar in part filled with flour, sugar and oats for cookie blend. Inside the heritage there's a small bowl of candies.

3. Cookie Recipe instructions

I’ve blanketed a loose printable cookie jar tag within the recipe card underneath which you could down load and print on card stock. The tag includes a listing of elements of what's already within the cookie jar gift, what else is wanted to make the cookies, and how to make and bake the cookies. Trim it up, use a hole punch to create a hole for a few twine, and tie across the jar of cookie mix as soon as filled and closed.

The person you deliver the cookie blend to will need:

Oil – the usage of the proper quantity of oil in cookies produces a cute chewy cookie which stays softer longer than a butter primarily based cookie. Not all people could have vegan butter (or coconut oil) in their houses, but it’s a safe guess that they’ll have vegetable oil available.

Dairy-free milk – any type will work in this recipe. Soy and oat are our favorites.

Vanilla extract – this vegan cookie recipe calls for more vanilla than what you notice in a few other recipes, however I find a little extra vanilla can take a cookie from just proper to awesome!

4. Cookie Jar present decorations (optional)

I went with a minimalist search for the cookie mix jars for informal presents. In case you would like them to look more festive, you could beautify the jars with a circle of cloth on pinnacle, tied with some quite ribbon or wire.

A close up of a jar filled with M&M Oatmeal Cookie mix, wrapped with cord. Inside the background there are 2 different cookie mix jars.

Pointers for Making Cookie mix in a Jar gift:

The jars will look exceptional whilst the cookie ingredients are layered frivolously. Gently tamp down each layer so there’s less risk for settling later which can make the layers look choppy.

Use a extensive neck funnel for adding the elements to the jars. The funnel that is available in domestic canning kits works exquisite for assembling cookie mix jars! In case you don’t have a funnel, you can either make a funnel out of paper, or truly spoon the substances into the jar.

Including the flour combination first to the lowest of the jar allows you to actually percent it down. This also ensures you've got sufficient room for all of the ingredients, and stops the flour from trickling into a number of your other component layers.

Cookie blend can be beforehand of time. It maintains very well saved in a fab, dry area like the pantry. For first-rate best, take a look at the best earlier than dates of the dry substances you’re the usage of. Of best significance is your baking powder. If it’s been open for more than a few months or is drawing close its high-quality before date, it’s excellent to get a new container before making your cookie blend jar. You could’t be sure whilst your present recipient may be baking their cookies – baking powder loses its potency with time which means that at some point it received’t reason the rise we need for tender cookies. If you’re curious about some older baking powder on your pantry, test out this quick and easy test (which is also amusing and academic for budding little bakers to observe!)

A stack of oatmeal M&M cookies on a white plate . A bottle of milk with a red straw is inside the history. 

One final component…

As soon as you have your cookie mix jar presents made, there’s just one greater issue to do: treat your self with a batch of these vegan oatmeal M&M cookies! For baking , serving and storing your cookies, make certain to check out Williams-Sonoma’s beautiful range of kitchenware. I should spend all day searching at all of the quite yet sincerely purposeful wares they bring!

Cookies on a baking sheet with a bottle of milk and a small glass bowl of goodies.

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A tumbler cookie jar full of cookies, one cookie sits on the counter with a chunk missing and a cookie kit jar within the historical past. 

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A jar filled with cookie blend, topped with baked vegan m&m cookies.

Vegan M&M Cookie blend in a Jar Recipe

This vegan M&M Cookie mix in a Jar recipe is an smooth DIY gift this is fun to make and obtain all year long. Fill a mason jar with the dry ingredients so your friends and family can whip up a batch of warm selfmade vegan oatmeal M&M cookies. The cookies bake up gentle, chewy, and speckled with brightly colored chocolate candies!

Direction: Cookies, safe to eat Vegan GiftCuisine: American, VeganKeyword: Cookie Jar gift, Dairy-unfastened Cookie blend, Egg-loose Cookie blend, Vegan Cookie mix, Vegan Cookies Prep Time: 15 minutesTotal Time: 15 mins Servings: 1

 cookie mix jar which yields approx 18 cookies creator: Bronwyn


Recommended gadget:

1 liter (1 quart) wide mouth clear mason jar, easy and dry

Cord or ribbon (optional)

Cookie preparation tag (click to download and print)

For the Cookie Jar blend:

1 1/2 cups all-motive flour

1 1/2 tsp baking powder

1 tsp cornstarch

3/4 tsp salt

1 cup old skool rolled oats (now not immediate or short cooking varieties – see notes)

Three/4 cup brown sugar

1/four cup granulated sugar

1 cup vegan M&M kind goodies (see notes for substitutions)

To Be introduced by means of present Recipient:

1/2 cup vegetable oil

1/three cup dairy-unfastened milk

1 tbsp vanilla extract

US commonplace – Metric


For the Cookie Jar blend:

In a medium-sized bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder, cornstarch and salt.

Use a huge spoon to scoop the flour combination into the bottom of the mason jar. The usage of a wide neck funnel (just like the ones from canning kits) is beneficial here. Tamp right down to p.C. Down the flour as tons and as degree as viable. The ingredients all want to be packed in as tightly so they don't shift around at some point of transportation and so they all fit in the jar.

Upload brown sugar to the jar, using your spoon to firmly % frivolously over the flour.

Upload the granulated sugar over the brown sugar, spreading it out evenly.

Add the oatmeal over the sugar, tamping it down lightly.

Add within the vegan chocolate candies (or substitutions).

Region the lid on the mason jar, sealing tightly.

Print off the cookie blend practise tag. Use a hole punch to make a hole in the top of the tag then connect it to the cookie blend jar with twine or ribbon.

Instructions for the Cookie blend Jar Recipient:

Preheat oven to 350°F/177°C/gasoline four. Line a big baking sheet with parchment paper. 

In a huge bowl, unload the contents of the jar and stir till completely combined and no lumps of brown sugar remain.

In a small bowl, whisk collectively the oil, non-dairy milk, and vanilla. Pour the wet ingredients into the dry, stirring well to mix. 

The usage of a medium-sized (three tbsp) cookie scoop, drop stage scoops of cookie dough at the organized baking sheet. Lightly press the cookie domes down flat. If you do not have a cookie scoop, use a huge soup spoon to scoop 3 tablespoons worth of cookie batter, roll into a ball after which press into a percent at the cookie sheet the usage of the back of a lightly greased measuring cup. 

Bake for 10-14 mins, or until the edges of the cookies are simply starting to darken however the facilities still appearance smooth. Allow cool on the cookie sheet for 5 minutes, then entire cooling on a twine rack. Makes 18-24 cookies. Store cookies in an air-tight jar for as much as a week on the counter, or freeze for up to a few months.


Vegan M&M type chocolate sweets – if you don’t have any chocolates, you may use 1 cup of chocolate chips, chocolate chunks, raisins, or chopped nuts, or even your personal precise blend of these cookie blend-ins! See blog publish for vegan M&M fashion sweet tips.