The nice Egg Salad Sandwich recipe comes together effortlessly with just a handful of easy ingredients. A favourite for generations, this Southern egg salad is full of chopped difficult-boiled eggs, creamy mayonnaise, a hint of mustard, candy pickle savour, crisp celery, salt and pepper. It is it! Pile it excessive in your favorite bread and serve the sandwich with potato chips and pickles for a quick lunch or a mild dinner. It continually wins rave reviews!


Every mom or grandma desires a conventional pass-to recipe for the fine egg salad sandwich, and this is our absolute preferred! The salad has simply the right amount of mayonnaise to maintain the ingredients collectively, the correct balance of candy-and-savory elements (way to lots of savour), and might effortlessly be tailored to accommodate your character possibilities. Serve it on a mattress of lettuce with a side of homemade crescent rolls, on homemade white bread, on store-sold wheat bread, on buttery croissants, or on thick-sliced, toasted English muffin bread. Sprinkle it with paprika for coloration, add chopped sparkling herbs for a brilliant contact, or layer it with salty, crispy Bacon for smoky flavor. The options are countless, and this easy egg salad sandwich is continually a hit!


That is an outline of the basic substances that you'll want for an clean egg salad sandwich recipe. As continually, the specific measurements and entire cooking commands are included in the printable recipe box at the lowest of the post.

Hard-boiled eggs: more or less chopped (no longer too satisfactory), for a corpulent egg salad in preference to a smooth, paste-like consistency.

Mayonnaise: the binder that holds the egg salad collectively. Choose a top notch mayonnaise, which include Duke's logo.

Yellow mustard: a small amount adds colour and tangy flavor to the creamy dressing.

Celery: offers the salad a little bit of crisp crunch. You can miss this element in case you pick.

Candy pickle savour: a sweet, tangy assessment to the creamy, savory salad.

Kosher salt and pepper: for flavor.

Bread, croissants, or rolls: for constructing the sandwiches.

Lettuce: for layering on the sandwiches; i like a soft, ruffled lettuce along with red leaf or butter lettuce.


An old skool egg salad sandwich recipe is generally served on a easy white or wheat sandwich bread. That stated, you may get as creative as you like! If you're serving the sandwiches at a bridal shower or baby bathe, offer them on little chunk-sized mini croissants, small biscuits, selfmade crescent rolls, or soft dinner rolls.

For a widespread-length sandwich and a heartier meal, make your egg salad sandwiches on home made white bread, honey wheat bread, croissants, buttermilk biscuits, bagels, English muffins, oatmeal bread, no-knead bread, baguette, or English muffin bread (proven right here). Shop-sold rye, pumpernickel, or sourdough breads can even paintings well! You may toast the bread first if you want, however it truly is just a be counted of personal choice.

Chunky egg salad served on white bread with lettuce


You will want 6 hard-boiled eggs for this salad. For a shortcut, you should buy tough-boiled, peeled eggs at the grocery store (usually near the regular egg cartons or inside the deli section). If you'd like to boil your eggs at home, it is definitely simple to do!

Location the eggs in a huge pot and cowl with cold water.

Deliver the water to a boil, eliminate the pot from the heat, cover, and let stand for 12 mins.

Drain and rinse the eggs beneath cold water for 1 minute.

Once the eggs sense cool, crack the shells and punctiliously peel below cold water.

More or less chop the eggs to use in the salad recipe.

Overhead technique shot displaying the way to make egg salad sandwich


As soon as you have the hardboiled eggs peeled and chopped, the relaxation of the process is highly quick and clean!

Stir collectively the mayonnaise, mustard, celery, pickle savor, salt and pepper.

Add the chopped egg and gently stir to mix.

Collect the sandwiches through layering the egg salad and lettuce on rolls, croissants, or slices of your preferred bread.

Serve at once and experience!

Square shot of an smooth egg salad sandwich recipe in front of a white brick wall


Egg salad is a splendid make-beforehand option as it will keep in an airtight field in the refrigerator for four-5 days. Bring together the sandwiches just before helping save you the bread from getting soggy.


Serve this Southern egg salad with any of the following sides:

Ambrosia salad, Watergate salad, or fruit salad

Potato chips


Southern Macaroni Salad

3 Bean Salad

Broccoli Cauliflower Salad

Southern Potato Salad

Carrot & Raisin Salad

Wedge Salad

Southern Succotash

Rice Salad with Corn, publisher 1st baron verulam and Pimentos

Tomato, Cucumber & Onion Salad

And remember the drinks! Try old skool blackberry lemonade, freshly-squeezed lemonade, sweet tea, or a crimson lemonade spritz!

The front shot of traditional egg salad sandwich on a blue and white plate with mayonnaise and bread inside the historical past

RECIPE variations

As opposed to making sandwiches, serve the egg salad on a bed of veggies. Provide honey cornbread, biscuits, pumpkin desserts, blueberry muffins, lemon poppy seed bread, strawberry bread, banana nut bread, or blueberry scones on the side.

Herbs: upload sparkling herbs to the egg salad for a brilliant final touch and additional flavor. Attempt dill, parsley or chives.

Sprinkle with a sprint of paprika for shade.

Add curry powder to the mayonnaise mixture, to taste, for a curried egg salad sandwich.

Attempt a BLT egg salad sandwich with the aid of consisting of strips of crispy publisher 1st baron verulam and sliced tomato at the sandwiches with the egg salad and lettuce.

Add a Southern touch via spreading pimento cheese at the sandwiches.

Sliced sparkling tomato or pickled crimson onions might additionally be scrumptious toppings for the sandwiches.

Simple egg salad sandwich served on a plate with potato chips


Prep the egg salad the night earlier than (or some days earlier), however wait to assemble the sandwiches until right before you are prepared to serve them. This could prevent the bread or rolls from turning into soggy.

Use a high best mayonnaise, due to the fact it's the bottom of the salad dressing. We like Duke's logo.

Stress any excess juice from the pickle have fun with so that it does not thin the dressing too much.

Farm-sparkling eggs are nice while you may get them, but you could additionally take a shortcut and purchase peeled, hardboiled eggs at the grocery save if necessary.

Kind of chop the eggs, however do not mince them into tiny portions. You want the egg salad to stay a touch bit chunky, in place of becoming a thick paste when you stir the whole lot collectively. Some texture is right!

The nice egg salad sandwich recipe ever served on white bread with potato chips and pickles at the aspect


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The nice egg salad sandwich recipe served on a blue and white plate

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Egg Salad Sandwich

The pleasant Egg Salad Sandwich recipe comes together without difficulty with just a handful of easy ingredients!

 CourseDinner, Lunch

 CuisineAmerican, Southern

 Keywordbest egg salad sandwich, egg salad sandwich, old school egg salad sandwich recipe, southern egg salad

 Prep Time15 minutes

 cook dinner Time20 mins

 total Time35 minutes

 Servings4 sandwiches




6 big eggs

¼ cup mayonnaise

1 teaspoon yellow mustard

¼ cup finely-diced celery

2 tablespoons candy pickle get pleasure from, drained of juice

¼ teaspoon kosher salt

¼ teaspoon freshly-floor black pepper

For serving: croissants, bread or rolls of desire; lettuce


Area eggs in a unmarried layer in a saucepan. Cowl with water so that there is approximately 1 inch of water over the eggs. Carry to a boil, dispose of from heat, cowl, and allow stand for 12 minutes.

Drain and rinse eggs under cold water for 1 minute.

Once the outside of the eggs sense cool, crack egg shells and thoroughly peel beneath bloodless water.

Kind of chop the eggs.

In a large bowl, stir collectively the mayonnaise, mustard, celery, pickle appreciate, salt and pepper. Add the chopped egg and gently blend till combined.

Store in an airtight box in the refrigerator for four-five days.

Collect sandwiches with egg salad and lettuce on croissants, bread or rolls of preference. Serve straight away.


Prep the egg salad the night time earlier than (or a few days in advance), but wait to collect the sandwiches till right earlier than you're geared up to serve them. This may save you the bread or rolls from becoming soggy.

Use a high satisfactory mayonnaise, due to the fact that is the base of the salad dressing. We like Duke's emblem.

Stress any excess juice from the pickle savour so that it doesn't skinny the dressing too much.

Farm-clean eggs are satisfactory when you could get them, but you may additionally take a shortcut and buy peeled, hardboiled eggs on the grocery keep if vital.

More or less chop the eggs, however don't mince them into tiny portions. You want the egg salad to stay a little bit chunky, as opposed to turning into a thick paste whilst you stir the entirety together. A few texture is right!


Serving: 1/6 of the egg salad (not consisting of bread or rolls or desire energy: 201kcal fat Saturated fats: 4g ldl cholesterol Fiber: 1g nutrition Iron: 1mg